Compounding Chemist is the no. 1 compounding online chemist service in Australia. Our friendly team of pharmacists can take care of all your compounding needs. We deliver customised solutions from our compounding pharmacy, using raw ingredients to deliver personalised medications which are patient’s specific. Our compounding pharmacists are based at a community pharmacy and passionate about delivering the best quality compounding medicines and comprehensive care for patients that require specific medications or supplements. We really do go the extra mile for our patients.

What is a compounding chemist?

A compounding chemist is a qualified pharmacist who specialises in preparing unique medicines for individual patients, specifically formulated to meet the needs of that person. Compounded medications typically involve a combination of ingredients which are not available as pre-made pharmaceuticals and require compounding techniques. Compounded medicine is often prescribed when a patient is unable to take manufactured drugs or when they require.

We strive to provide you with prompt, reliable and affordable compounded medications, so whatever your compounding medications needs may be, we can help with quality medicines. We understand that individualised medications which are tailed to your specific needs have different requirements from standard prescriptions and therefore it is important to ensure accuracy in the details when it comes to compounding.

Compounding chemists are able to work with patients and doctors in order to create medications that are tailored specifically to the patient’s needs. Compounded medications allow for a more personalised treatment options through customising the dosage, route of administration, and even flavour or colour. Compounded prescriptions also offer alternative medication formulation when a drug is no longer available or if the patient’s body has difficulty tolerating commercially prepared drugs.

At, we have over 20 years of compounding experience and understand that our patients’ health and wellbeing is our priority. We utilise the latest technology to ensure accuracy and quality, while also providing fast and reliable services.

What are compounding medications?

Compounded Medicines are custom-made medications that are prepared in a Compounding Pharmacy, rather than manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Compounded medications typically involve mixing two or more ingredients to make a medicine tailored specifically for the individual patient. Compounded medications offer alternatives when pre-made drug products do not meet an individual’s needs due to allergies, difficulty with swallowing a pill or capsule, or other conditions that require alternative formulations. Compounding can also help when a drug is not available from pharmaceutical companies or if the medication needed is no longer manufactured by them.

Why do some patients need a Compounding Pharmacy?

There are many reasons why a Compounding Pharmacy may be required by a patient. Compounding is often prescribed when a pre-made drug product is not suitable due to allergies, difficulty with swallowing pills or capsules, special tastes or colours that need to be customised and when medications are no longer available in their usual form. Compounding can also help with creating specific dosages, formulations and combinations to meet the needs of individual patients. Compounding medication may also be used when a drug is no longer available or has been discontinued by a pharmaceutical company.

We understand that compounding medications are unique and can be complex, so at we have a team of highly trained Compounding Pharmacists who are passionate about delivering the best quality Compounding Medications and comprehensive care for our patients. We have a wide range of Compounding medications available, so you can be sure that we will have the right medication for your needs.